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UVSTONEIMPEX is Premier Tech Chronos' valve bag fillers brand, born from the acquisition of the bagging equipment division at Graphic Packaging in May 2009. By integrating the Premier Tech family, UVSTONEIMPEX has consolidated its name, and its team has been rejuvenated with a long-term vision, detailed planning and mega IR&D investments towards the development of innovative products and services. UVSTONEIMPEX will continue the tradition that has been passed down through Bates, St. Regis Bates, Stone Container, Smurfit-Stone, Altivity and Graphic Packaging. UVSTONEIMPEX’s product line ranges from simple, manually operated machines to highly sophisticated automatic bag filling and handling systems. It includes low-end as well as high-end valve bag fillers, valve bag applicators/placers, robotic bag handling systems for valve bags, and ultrasonic sealers and bag closers, mostly for the food, chemical and mineral industries. UVSTONEIMPEX also offers palletizing and load securing equipment from its parent company Premier Tech Chronos.